Welcome to Boutiq!

In a world that is saturated with information, it can be hard to find genuine advice that's relevant to you. There are countless review and tourism sites, online magazines and blogs, as well as endless holiday and hospitality snaps filling up your social feed. After swimming in a sea of not-so-relevant information, trying to wade through the reviews to find that certain advice that is beneficial to you, you get tired, abandoning the Google search and going to your most trusted source of information, your friends and network.

It’s because of this that Boutiq was born.

Boutiq is a socially powered app that allows you to capture and recommend your favourite places (eat, drink, sleep, do - you name it) sharing them with your friends and network. We want to utilise these unique and personalised adventures, bringing them to your fingertips, allowing you to experience the hidden gems or must-sees in your own city and across the world, all in one space, and a space that’s yours.

At Boutiq we believe in three main values; discover, trust and remember. These values drive everything we do as a company, to help you live your most enjoyable life.


The world is a big and beautiful place, with so many amazing things to find and experience. At Boutiq, we believe in the collective power of discovering, and that your friends and network are your best asset when it comes to letting you know about those must-do experiences. They’ve blazed the trail before you and have immersed themselves in the local culture, knowing where to go, who to see and how to get there. We’ve created a place to capture those experiences for you to find, or to remember for yourself, making them available to your friends and network.


They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. There is a reason that your friends are your friends. They’re your most trusted confidant and advisor, the ones you go to for the big advice as well as the small day to day dilemmas. They’re the ones you choose to share a meal with, reminisce over a cocktail with or explore the nether regions of the world with. Their opinion and advice is your first port of call, and it’s this personal service that Boutiq captures, fostering a trusted sense of community. With Boutiq, you know what has been recommended is honest advice, and that you can rely on that information because it comes from a trusted source, your friends and the ones that inspire you.


The world of social media moves quickly - blink and you’ve missed it! Our beautifully curated feeds, and those of our friends and network, have unique and memorable moments and experiences that we enjoy fleetingly, but then can be lost amongst everything else happening in the world. We don’t want those memories to leave you. Boutiq allows you to capture the moments that spark the same feeling 30 years on, meaning you can like it now, and like it again and again and again.

The app is moments away from launching, so be sure to sign-up below to be the first to know when it’s available for download. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and check back here to stay up to date with our Stories. The Boutiq community spans far beyond the app, bringing you personal and unique stories and advice to help you create your adventures. After all, happiness shared is happiness doubled.