The best coffees in the world, in the most unexpected places

He knows exactly how you like it. He’s good with his hands. When you find him, you wonder how you ever lived without him. We’re talking about your fave barista of course - what did you think we were talking about?

Coffee -  it’s one of life’s little pleasures and if you are partial to the bean, you’ll know just how particular people can be when it comes to their caffeine preference.

Finding a good coffee (usually indicative of a good barista) is like happening upon one of the seven wonders of the world, especially whilst travelling. Without local knowledge it can be tricky to find a good brew in an unfamiliar place and when you do, it’s the kind of discovery that you’d prefer to keep close to you, for fear of others finding out your secret.

Sadly, secrets are not our forte here at Boutiq and when we find something good, we feel the need to share it, which is why we’ve put together a list of some of the best coffee places in the world.

The criteria for making the cut? Great coffee and/or a cool or quirky concept. So pour a cup of joe and get ready to take note.


Coffee Collective - Copenhagen

When you’ve got the World Barista Champion working the coffee machine, you know your coffee is in good hands. That’s the case at Coffee Collective Copenhagen, one of three Coffee Collectives in Denmark, where you’ll find world class coffee, an ethical direct trade model that ensures the coffee producer (ie. a farmer in Kenya) is paid 25% more than the fair-trade price, plus it doesn’t hurt that the fit-out is totally Instagrammable too!

The fact that they also make Coffee Softice (literally a coffee in soft-serve form) during summer just makes us love Coffee Collective even more.


Truth South Africa - Cape Town

Roasting and making coffee is an artform and at Cape Town’s Truth, the cafe is the workshop and the barista is the artist.

Inspired by the steampunk aesthetic, Truth’s incredible decor will draw you in and it’s equally incredible artisan coffee will keep you there. Decked out with old machinery, metal piping, and ornate equipment and props, the coffee shop nails the tricky combination of Victorian futuristic fantasy style and all of their coffee is hand roasted in a vintage cast iron drum. It’s no wonder they supply the majority of South Africa’s best hotels.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters - Portland, Oregon

Do you find yourself reaching for a second coffee soon after the first? While we don’t condone addiction of any kind, there’s no denying that many a coffee addict walks among us, appearing to function like the rest of society but secretly sustaining a 4-5 a day habit.

If you’re nodding your head in shame, perhaps you need a Toddy. A speciality down at Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland Oregon, the illusive cold brew Toddy is the most caffeinated drink around, meaning you’ll look like less of a caffeine fiend, whilst cooling yourself down on those hot summer days.

Bonus - Stumptown’s cold brew has a natural chocolate taste thanks to the 12 hour infusion process. Hook us up via IV, you had us at chocolate.


Coffee Supreme - Auckland, NZ

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 9.53.33 am.png

Another coffee hit you’ll want to ‘gram is a visit to Coffee Supreme in Auckland. We’re a sucker for clean branding and a quirky fit-out, which puts this fine specimen at the top of our list and luckily Supreme’s coffee offering measures up too!

It’s currently the only place in the world where you can sip on a coffee blended with soda syrup. We haven’t actually gotten around to trying that one, but we are definitely intrigued!

Coffee Supreme roast and source their own beans and although New Zealand is their birthplace they now have locations in Brisbane and Melbourne so you don’t have to miss out, even if you’re on the other side of the pond!

Part café, part bar and part bicycle workshop, this quirky London concept shop is a cyclists dream. Now you can grab a coffee, attend one of their monthly bike maintenance/repair courses, catch up with a mate and even attend a cycle speed dating sesh to meet likeminded riders. If that isn’t multitasking at it’s finest, then what is? Plus, you know the product will be good, because if there’s one thing cyclists take just as seriously as cycling, it’s their coffee!


Mahika Mano - Kichijoji District, Tokyo

Apologies in advance for the following hammock puns, but if you’re looking for a new ‘hangout’ spot Mahika Mano is literally it. Sure you might have to travel to Tokyo for it, but with hammocks instead of chairs, this is one cafe that’s worth the trip!

It’s the ultimate chill out spot and if the novelty of hammocks hanging from the roof isn’t enough for you, the coffee ain’t too bad either! The name Mahika Mano translates to Hammock Cafe and Gallery, but don’t get too comfortable - during busy periods the cafe has a 90-120 minute time limit so that no one is ‘left hanging’.


Revolver - Seminyak, Bali

Don’t be mistaken - the only thing the Balinese Revolver has in common with Melbourne’s Revolver is the name. Since opening in 2011, the super cool Seminyak hotspot has been serving up delish breakfasts and killer coffee, delighting locals and visitors alike and it’s all thanks to business owner and Aussie expat Katie Allen.

Hailing from Sydney, Katie has revolutionised Bali’s coffee scene, supplying her special blend to many other expat-owned cafes on the island. Her secret? In an interview with Indonesia Expat she revealed all -

“There’s no secret to my blend; it’s 40% Colombian, 40% Guatemalan and 20% Papua New Guinean and roasted by the legends at Caswells. The trick is using it on the right day. I’ve found for us that that’s between day nine and day 14 and I’d say day ten the coffee is at its prime. So we never serve anything older or younger than those days.” There you have it folks, straight from the barista’s mouth!

Now that we’ve let you in on some of our fave international coffee spots, you’ll be able to refuel no matter where you are in the world. Go forth friends and get your caffeine fix!

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