The Sweetest Thing - The Search for the World's Best Hybrid Dessert

Why choose between two desserts, when you can have them combined? The cronut, a delicious croissant and donut combo, ignited the hybrid dessert trend a few years back. Now, we're going across the world to find Boutiq’s favorite new and traditional hybrid creations. Here are five standouts as recommended by sweet-toothed travelers on the App, including a successful pastry chef herself...

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1. Brownie x Cheesecake

Queen of Tarts in Cape Town, South Africa

The desserts from this homey coffee shop in Cape Town look almost too pretty to eat, and the chocolate brownie cheesecake is no exception. This rich and delicious cake-cross comes personally recommended from the owner of Queen of Tarts herself, who has also given Boutiq the deets on her shop. “Our shop is like stepping into a story,” Tina says. “The walls are lined with eclectic antiques that we have collected for the 11 years we’ve been open. There is a very relaxed atmosphere allowing a home-like feel for anyone that comes through our doors.” 



2. Cake x Cookie 

Cardosas Caffé in Porto, Portugal

The Bolo de Bolacha Maria dates back to 1874 – and there’s a reason it’s still around. Its name, Bolo de Bolacha Maria, combines the words cake (bolo) and Maria cookie (Bolacha Maria). First soaked in strong coffee, the world famous tea biscuits are then layered with cream (made from sweetened condensed milk) and stacked on top of each other. Daniela, a Porto local, says, “It tastes like heaven” and recommends Cardosas Caffé downtown. “Cardosas Caffé is cozy and beautiful,” she says, adding “the staff are friendly and hospitable” as well. 


cereal milk icecream.jpeg

3. Cereal Milk x Ice Cream

Momofuko Milk Bar, NYC

Cereal Milk Ice Cream is all the rave at Momofuko Milk Bar, an award-winning bakery from Chef Christina Tosi, who The New York Times described as a “border crossing pastry chef.” The delicious and innovative soft serve flavor is made from milk, cornflakes, brown sugar and a dash of salt. Hannah, who is originally from Belgium, but tried Cereal Milk Ice Cream™ in New York's East Village, says the soft serve “really tastes like the milk at the end of a cereal bowl!”



4. Dessert x Shake

Patissez in Canberra, Australia

The long line to get a famous FreakShake™ at Patissez is worth the wait. In fact, “the visual alone made it worth it,” says Stephanie, who was raised in Sydney and traveled to Australia’s capital for a taste. The creative café combines creamy milkshakes with various desserts, like toasted marshmallows, strawberry cheesecake, mint chocolate mousse, Thai milk tea, plus maple roasted almond and pecan popcorn. “I tried the Bano Freak – literally an explosion of taste bud happiness,” Stephanie says. “It was banoffee pie mixed with my dreams and definitely raised the bar on your ordinary milkshake.” 


icecream cookie2.jpg

5.  Ice Cream x Cookie

Munchies in Copenhagen, Denmark

An oldie but goodie, the ice cream sandwiches from Munchies will transport you back to your childhood (except now you can have as much sugar as you want). Copenhagen’s first custom ice cream sandwich parlor lets you build your own ice cream sandwich and the owner, Jonas, crafts the ice cream himself. Jaclyn, who lived in New York and Hong Kong prior to Berlin, accidentally stumbled on Munchies when it was just three weeks old and continues to praise her experience. “I went for a more classic combination of double chocolate cookie and Oreo ice cream filling, while my boyfriend had the chocolate-chip cookie with Nutella ice cream filling. So delicious!” Jaclyn says. “With top-notch service and cute décor, combined with utterly delicious flavors and a novel concept, Munchies was by far one of the best dessert places in the whole world that I’ve ever had the luck of enjoying.”


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