My secret to better travel memories

"I need the best recommendations from your last trip!"

This everyday message from a friend made me realize what was missing from the way I’d been capturing my travel discoveries. 

Of course, I instantly sent back a few quick tips (the hotel I loved, my favorite store), before I stopped myself.

What was the name of the hole-in-the-wall restaurant where I tried the best risotto of my life? What about the hidden cafe in the park? These were the places that truly made the trip what it was.


"I started to rethink what I was actually holding onto from my trips."


I found myself scrolling through the photos on my phone, then zooming in and out of maps like a determined CIA operative. I rummaged through my handbag in the hope that maybe I’d picked up at least just one business card. Nada.




"I only wish I had it before. I’m hooked."


I started to rethink what I was actually holding onto from my trips. It occurred to me that it’s our personal recommendations that bring our discoveries to life. It's these little tips on where and when to go, the type of inside word us friends give each other all the time.

That’s when I discovered Boutiq, and I only wish I found it sooner. I’m hooked. Wherever I go, I can save the best from my trips so my friends have these special places in their pockets wherever they are, and I have theirs.

Join me on Boutiq to let our friends treasure our travel memories as much as we do.

- Sarah, SEP 2017