Berlin V Plates - The Best Vegan Dishes (In Non Vegan Places)

Welcome to the most Vegan city in the world. Whether the inescapable 'V' word haunts your protein loving dreams or is already on the menu at your favourite lunch spot, Berlin has a lot to offer when it comes to mouthwatering plant-based bites. The Boutiq team (of traditionally non-vegans) caught up with Berlinerin foodie and fashionista Féline to uncover the hidden gems that made her transition to this ever-present diet (deliciously) easy. The best part? None of these places are strictly vegan, so those after meat options can treat this as a general Berlin food guide too!

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Here is Féline's lowdown on Berlin’s best-kept secrets, all ready for you to find on the Boutiq App...


1. Pasta Arrabbiata

Pasta Flora, Mitte

“A classic Italian restaurant with a beautiful, simple interior. The owner is such a great host and makes the experience extra nice. There are two different menus, the standard one and the vegan one. Each meal comes with a starter of delicious bruschetta. I advise you to order the vegan pasta arrabbiata. It's so simple but it will take you to another dimension! It has the perfect mix of spicy yet fruity tomato sauce with al-dente penne pasta. As a side note – make sure you bring cash! In very Berlin fashion, Pasta Flora doesn't take card payments.”


2. Vegan Gyros

Eat Up, Mauerpark Markets

“This is the first place I visit when I touch down in Berlin. The queues get longer every time I go back but I am happy to report the quality stays the same. The Arabian pita bread is filled with red cabbage, exceptionally tasty soy gyros, fresh salad and homemade vegan tzatziki. It's simple, delicious and a steal at 5 euros. Don't miss out!”


3. Tofu Bibimbap

Bibi Mix, Mitte

“Don’t be fooled by Bibi Mix’s exterior (it looks rather like a fast food joint) because the Bibimbap served here is the real deal! There are many different meat and vegetarian/ vegan options but I always go for the tofu Bibimbap for 5,90 euros - really affordable and a healthy lunch option.”


4. Falafel Plate

Couscous, Mitte

“This tiny place has a very nice, chatty owner who serves the best couscous in town. It's fluffy, juicy and can be ordered with freshly made falafel, fried vegetables and many other sides. I can recommend the Falafel Plate XXL, the Vegetable Burger XXL or the Veggie Plate. If the sun is shining, take the food to Monbijou Park or sit outside of the restaurant. With the restaurant being so small, you can emerge smelling like “frittenbude”!”


5. Asian Tapas

Transit, Mitte

“This is a more popular spot. Most of the time it's packed and you might have to wait a bit to be seated, but it’s worth it. Transit serves Asian "tapas"; most of the dishes are meat-based but can be switched for tofu and tastes just as good. I don't have a standard order here because I just eat my way through the menu. Nevertheless, the Smoky Satay (with tofu) is a must every time. Drinks-wise, I always go for the Virgin Transit: fresh passion fruit, lychee juice, fresh mint, and lime and coconut syrup. It tastes as good as it sounds!”


6. Buntestulle

Zeit Für Brot, Mitte

“Before moving to London I was so lucky to have this place just around the corner. It’s a traditional German style bakery (but extra stylish). It's the perfect place to spend your Sunday morning, enjoying a long breakfast. Since the Zimtschnecken and other delicious treats are, sadly, non-vegan, I go for the Buntestulle, which is a sandwich consisting of beetroot spread, tofu and apple (yes apple!) It is really addictive and the mix of the tofu and apple is just exceptional.”


7. M2 Matcha 

Daluma, Mitte

“This super trendy, Instagram haven is a little pricey but serves super yummy food. The one thing that I can't resist is their matcha M2 drink. It's made with homemade brazil nut milk, matcha, vanilla bean, sea salt and coconut flower dust. The place has a lovely set up and the staff are very friendly.”

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