How to Win Yourself a Trip to Tulum

Had you guessed it right? We've dropped the bombshell of our biggest giveaway competition ever. You won't want to miss out on this one...

“I knew it!” Yelled an excited team member from across Boutiq HQ.

We kept our community of App users, followers, fans and even our very own team members guessing about the secret announcement and its destination until it dropped this week. 

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The giveaway bombshell is the Trip of a Lifetime to Tulum, Mexico, for a lucky winner and an accompanying friend.*

The competition is extremely easy to enter BUT before you do, here are our insider tips for the highest chance of WINNING:

1. Use your Unique LINK!

Think you’ve got friends who know amazing places? You’ll be rewarded with higher odds of winning for getting them onboard the competition.

2. Claim your 50 bonus entry points with a “Holy Sh*t!”-worthy next recommendation" on the App.

It could be a hidden bar in your home city, it could be a hard-to-reach hotel in the middle of the Caribbean, the less known the better!


We haven’t even finished announcing all the prize details yet, but where would be the fun in telling you all straight away? Keep your eyes peeled on the @boutiqplaces Insta for more surprises about what's in store for our lucky winners! (Don’t even get us started on the fact we can’t win this!!)


*Further Terms and Conditions Apply. See entry form for all details.